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How I turned to Classical Music?

It is that era in which young generation is the fond of Hip and Rap music, I am one of them and biggest fan of Bohemia (Actually fan of his poetry). I started listening hip hop back in 2008 when I was not aware of Bohemia. However move toward the main topic that how I turned to Classical Music?

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

One day I was going to Rawalpindi for joining the farewell party given by Superior College Rawalpindi in Tulip Hotel. When vain was going from Khanpur dam, I started to capture photos of Khanpur dam from my Nikon D5300 and when I finished the photo capturing my eyes saw something in my foot and I picked it up and it was a memory card of 4 GB. However I picked it up and saved it into the back of my feature phone Heir J10.

All the day I was busy in farewell party and in night I went to my cousin where I got the time to check the things in memory card. I installed that memory card in my j10 and it was full of songs by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Atta Ullah Khan Isakhelvi and Shafa Ullah Rokhrri.

So, it was all about the  How I turned to Classical Music? and I hope you will like this post :p

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