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A Short Tour of Wonderland Park, Sariah Saleh [First Vlog]

The Almighty has created this world beauty and we should and we have to explore the beauty of his creation. I was thinking from a long time that I should also start a Vlog channel on YouTube where I can upload the videos from all over the Pakistan. I discussed this idea with few of my friends and finally created a YouTube channel named as Z - Logs  which will cover topics like Tourism (across Pakistan), while other topics will be announced on the perfect time. However in this article I am going to share my first ever vlog about the Short Visit To Pak Wonderland Park in Sariah Saleh.

On the morning the we made a plan to go somewhere and on exact 4pm came out from our home for going to visit a new park in Sariah Saleh which is named as Pak Wonderland Park. When we reached the main Haripur city, I found a Dhaba type hotel in Sheran Wala Gate from where we had taken the tea which cost me 40 rupees for both two cups but the tea was superb. I also shoot them with the lens so here I am going to post their pictures.

Dhaba Hotel in Sheran Wala Gate Haripur

Dhabay Wali Chai

After taking tea we moved forward and went to Fruit Mandi which is near to the police station but market rate was very high so I just captured their snaps and told them I will publish their pictures in a English newspaper (which was just a joke). However, again we moved forward  and found a Rehri Wala who was selling Bananas, Apple, Grapes and Hamlok (Actually I don't know the exact name of this fruit) and here is the picture of that rehri wala bhai :p

Fruit Mandi Haripur

Rehrri Wala Bhai

Finally we reached the park after the drive of 35 minutes. I heard a lot about this park that Zaibi you will see an amazing park, there are a lot jhoolas, there is this and there is that :p and yes there were everything but not so amazing :p we bought ice creams and eat them and came out from the park.

Was there I mentioned any thing about Ilayasi Pakoras? not? how can it possible if someone visits Sariah Saleh and don't buy the most famous pakoras from Saleem Bhai Kay Turki Pakoray. I did the same thing :p bought and eat and then came back to home :D I hope you will not mind this anyhow thank you so much for reading all this.

Z - Logs by Zaib
Z - Logs by Zaib

Watch A Short Tour of Wonderland Park Vlog Video

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