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Veena Malik Is Making a Comeback - Whether it's Good or Bad?

In previous days fight happened between Veena Malik and her husband. She was demanding for devoroce in a live show but Maulana Tariq Jameel forbade her to do this thing. However it was a pre planned drama or reality of veena's life but it increases her fame.

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Veena Malik Coming Back

I came to know that veena malik is making a comeback in lollywood indsutry, for this purpose she has founded a new team which will handle all activities of her. Actress turned singer Veena Malik will release new song which is named as Dushman-e-Watan going to be released on 10th april.

Source: Veena Malik is All Set To Release Her New Song ‘Dushman-e-Watan’

Not Just this but Veena Malik has created an official YouTube channel. In the video you can watch veena malik meeting with her new team, where she discussed different things regarding her new projects coming in the following year or may be in next.

Now you need to watch this video in which Veena Malik is announcing about her comeback in lollywood.

So, in above two videos you have seen her doing meetup with her team and discussing about her comeback. But Veena already has done some bold photoshoots in 2017 which I am also going to share below.

Veena Malik Bold Photos

So, in this article I have shared a news about veena malik khan that she is making comeback in lollywood but I am little bit confused about her this step. Whether her comeback will be good or bad? Time will prove this.

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