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Sofia Kaif Released Parcham A Pakistan Independence Day Song

Aslamualaikum, how are you my loyal readers. First of all I want to say sorry because I was in village for more than two month and didn't get a single day for updating my blog. Today I am back again on my blog and I will talk about the new song Parcham by Sofia Kaif which she released for the Pakistan Independence Day. In this song Kaali Sk is also featured and both of them sung it a very good style. This song is also listed in Pakistan Independence Day Songs List 2017 which is very proud for the singers.

Pakistan Independence Day Songs 2017

Parcham Pakistani Independence Day Song Details

Track - Parcham
Artists - Sofia Kaif  & Kaali SK
Music & Video - SK Productions
Digital Strategies - MuzEnt Media

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So, it was the basic details and credits of parcham song. Let's move back toward the our main topic which is Pakistan Independence Day Songs. If you are also searching for 14 August 2017 Songs then I will request you to play the parcham song by sofia kaif on Independence Day of Pakistan in 2017 because they are new singers and they put a lot of hard work in this song.

Why did I recommend this song to you? 

Now you will ask me that why I am recommending this song to you? So, here I am giving you answer of the question. When you will play this Pakistan independence day song in starting you will not find any extra ordinary thing but when it will reach toward the end you will hear that singer is saying "Kashmir Hai Humara", this part of the parcham song by sofia kaif will make you fell in love with the song. That is the reason why I am recommending this song to you.

Now, here I am going to share the official video of Parcham a Pakistani Independence Day Song 2017 by Sofia Kaif and Kaali SK which is brought you to by MuzEnt Media and I hope you will give your love to the song.

Watch Parcham Pakistan Independece Day Song Video

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